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Women Empowering Women in Executive Positions

To become empowered is considered highly desirable. Seeking empowerment, however has its problems, and we definitely need support to move in that way. But how do we acquire empowerment for ourselves? How do we motivate ourselves and support others to move in the same direction and thought?

What is Empowerment?
How do we determine our ideals of empowerment? I believe we should first consider preserving energy as an appropriate reaction against "giving your energy away" or being "powerless". To be inspired is to have management over your lifestyle. You may be experiencing your desire to excel as an impulse to evolve yourself, or to realize the potential of your creative gifts and talents, and to make your greatest contributions in life.

Being efficient instead of passive indicates a past desire to move towards freedom. It does not mean, however, that we become so inspired an individual that we become islands: to be happily self-empowered, we acquire freedom in our lifestyle, while never before have we, as women, been holding so much power to shape the future.

While we’ve gained the freedom to do, be and have anything we want, we haven’t always been driven to cultivate our power and to cause our lives to flourish and thrive. Being attached to others may involve relationships; however, knowing our own Reality, and understanding who we are -- Self Details -- are efficient factors of empowerment.

To be empowered is to know yourself, to think for yourself, to be an individual while still being able to flourish and thrive, to be a whole, to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. An individual who is self-empowered has balance, vitality, creative expression and the highest potential of well being.

Obstacles to Empowerment
Now that we have dissected the value of self, how do we become empowered? Let's look first at what may take place on our way. What are the difficulties on our path to empowerment? What do we need to alter or execute?

One of the difficulties to self-empowerment is energy. We are learning that we can question ourselves and still regard energy as a way we think and act while enhancing ourselves. I think of this as one-dimensional or "totalitarian", considering it does not allow for overall change of the way we think. Thus, females should act in one way, and men in another way. Seeing ourselves as only one (unisex) and thus not seeing the other only acts to drain our energy.

We become empowered when we move ahead from the difficulties of, one-dimension and exercise to a larger, more "whole" view of ourselves as multi-tasking positive thinkers.(e.g., females should please others and men should be dominant). Thus, we must reprogram our mind and have a healthier viewpoint.

Another obstacle of empowering our self is low self-esteem. If we don't really like ourselves, how can we believe in our self? Self-doubts, low self-esteem, all are void of becoming empowered. If we don't think incredibly well of ourselves, we certainly and truly are not empowered of our thoughts and self esteem. Self-knowledge is complex resolved thinking that motivates us to truly know ourselves. Being knowledgeable builds self esteem, seeing clearly, and doing accordingly.

Fears are a considerable challenge as well. It is an energy that finishes, instead of enhancing externally. Fears vex our path toward self empowerment. To be empowered is to be obvious, sometimes outspoken, and even judgmental; while fear prevents us from being truly self-reliant and clear-sighted. We must be an individual, we must be efficient and effective, and we must be fearless.

Lack of skills can be a huge challenge to empowerment. To be empowered, one must be as self-reliant as possible. It is complicated to be self-reliant without information. Sensible men have described the importance of skills over the ages. As we add to our own special knowledge, we add strength to our storage space in our brain from which we draw upon. As we add to our information, we are better able to think for ourselves. But, insufficient understanding means a broken and inadequate scenario; which is not positive energy.

"Knowledge is Power."
These are just a few obstacles to empowerment and many of these factors are relevant. Certainly low self-esteem, fear, energy and unclear problems are inter-connected. As you move toward cleansing, others around you also become affected.

Taking Paths to Empowerment
Given the difficulties of empowerment, we may be affected at any time by one or many problems along our path. How do we move toward empowerment? How do we remove the obstacles? How do we empower ourselves to create a better energy force?

First let me say that we all have our own tracks to comply with. The route I have followed may vary considering your route. In looking for the best path, and in following it by your reaction to it, you can find your own route.

With that said, I would like to suggest some possible activities or recommendations. Some of these may be obvious. Some may be more eye-catching to you than others. If it seems appropriate, try it. Keep in mind that empowerment is a procedure that gradually starts, then builds.

Reprogram Your Thinking
Break down the areas of "totalitarian" thinking; considering alternative techniques and careers. The more we are exposed with a healthy viewpoint to non-mainstream concepts, the more we begin to find ourselves.
We are wise individuals. What seems correct at this time, may later encounter incorrect and vice-versa. Try to keep a healthy viewpoint as you reveal more. The more you find alternative techniques with a healthy viewpoint, the more you are deprogramming your thoughts and allowing your mind to create new techniques. Process what you are exposed to. Don't agree to everything as gospel. You will gradually end up developing your own route and one step closer to being empowered.

Gaining Self-Esteem
Gaining self-esteem is a procedure and there are different techniques to try to help yourself. One conventional technique is treatment or assistance. This is an actual technique and doesn't have to be declined immediately out-of-hand. If you choose to analyze this technique, try to choose your expert or advisor effectively. Self – discovery - increasing information helps you increase your abilities at home and work. This leads to increased knowledge, recall and self-confidence and raises self-esteem.

Developing your capabilities - enhance self-esteem.
Remember that you are a unique and genuine individual. Keep in mind that we all have our capabilities and roles to play. That we all create a few mistakes and learn by them. Keep in mind that your inner beauty is that which flourishes from within. Take time to include these concepts into your daily claims, fantastic claims, and affirmations.

Complex Procedure - Knowing Yourself
Knowing yourself can be a complex procedure. We are usually trapped in our own self. Our self-perception tends to be tinted mentally by our needs, self-concept, and level of self-esteem. Find that objective place in yourself, the place that is subjective or short-term problems -- the audience.

Observe yourself in complex conditions and with different people. What do you see? How do you react? Remember these for a little chat with yourself later.

Learn how your thoughts function. Notice yourself think by showing upon your inner objective audience.
Explore pleasure as a tool for tracking yourself. Look into self- empowerment.
What is stopping you? What are your talents? What includes your interest? What things already move to empower you?

Conquering Your Issues

Clearing problems is another procedure that may be a complex and divergent route. Again, assistance may be an option, as well as regression treatment and recommended reading pleasure. It feels good when your burdens are lifted from your shoulders.

Achieve maximum concentration – reduce distraction and improve your time management!

Travel into your objective audience (through pleasure, and self-empowerment) and comprehend why your self management is not under control, what is the main cause. Sometimes conscious information can help you move ahead and away from the problem.

Look for different designs in your lifestyle. Do you end up over and over again engaged in similar architectural conditions or with the same architectural people. Again look for the main cause.

Know that you can take care of your problems. Know that you can encounter better and more satisfying material. Know that others have shifted this route before and that you can, too.

Conquering Your Fears
One of the first activities is to recognize your fear. If you don’t recognize it, you cannot change it. Denial enslaves us.

Many problems are created from the fear within us. Eliminating fear can reduce many problems. Fear also may be of the unknown. There is also the worry of not having enough or going without, which is appropriate for self help. As we execute on self-esteem and acquire information, this fear is reduced.
Try going into your fear, a little at a time. Real empowerment comes when we are "fear-less"
Whenever you encounter fear and have identified the main cause, focus on empowerment. You can better yourself, and conquer that fear at the same time.

Remember that nothing can harm you unless you allow it.

Developing Yourself - Gain Knowledge
The more we comprehend and acquire information, the more knowledgeable we become.

Is there something you've always preferred to do or learn? Allow yourself to find it – and do it.

Your efforts towards empowerment will also result in you raising your intelligence. It’s your brain, just smarter, stronger, faster, FOREVER!

Anyone can have and enhance any of these capabilities. It has further been found that, if you are not using all of your capabilities, you have not fulfilled all you are capable of. You are not a whole person until you do.
We all have inexperienced potential. As we create ourselves, we also acquire understanding of ourselves. Our self-view improves (empowerment).

Remember: "Knowledge is Power."

Final Thoughts…
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